South Korea's Financial Watchdog Warns Investors Over Crypto Funds

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韓国の金融委員会は、cryptocurrency の資金に投資する際の注意を行使する公開を警告しています。
FSC に注意して発行投資家に水曜日、cryptocurrency 資金が投資信託に似た構造を持っているし、このように、投資家はそのような資金は、国の資本市場法の下で法的投資を信じて可能性があります誤って言っています。
、法律に従って国民から資本を調達する資金を承認、と fsc 認証登録し、なりません。しかし、cryptocurrency 資金は、承認も登録、レギュレータは言います。
「したがって、cryptocurrency 資金は資本市場法違反の対象となります、「FSC を書き込みます。


South Korea's Financial Services Commission has warned the public to exercise caution when investing in cryptocurrency funds.
The FSC issued a note to investors Wednesday, saying cryptocurrency funds have a structure similar to mutual funds and, thus, investors may mistakenly believe such funds are legal investments under the country's Capital Markets Act.
As per the law, funds that raise capital from the public must be approved by and registered with the FSC. However, cryptocurrency funds are neither approved nor registered, the regulator says.
"Therefore, cryptocurrency funds are subject to Capital Markets Act violation," the FSC writes.

The commission further indicates that it plans to take measures regarding crypto funds, after consulting with the relevant authorities, to protect...

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