Maximalist for Hire: Bitcoin Believer Pierre Rochard Starts Advisory Firm

Pierre rochard photo

自称 bitcoin maximalist を彼の立腹しつぶやきで判断してはいけない。
多くは確かに、彼は日常的に「ゴミを行商」ディス"altcoin"ファンを使って彼の大げさな Twitter のアカウントのため否定してきた、少なくともないパリ生まれのピエール Rochard を使用すると、しかし、彼を無視する彼の気の利いた会話の背後にある微妙な理論を欠場するでしょう。
「明らかに今日、存在する他の通貨、「29 歳の会計士になって独学ソフトウェア エンジニア、ハード リセット 1.07 CoinDesk に語った。そのため、「bitcoin maximalists は、1 つ通貨があります考えてたたき台のビットです。暗号はゼロサムだ [ので] お金、一般的にはゼロサム。」
彼の分析、かどうかは、金やドル、他は測定か、保護区で開催された、1 つの通貨が通常あるグローバル経済.

Don't judge a self-proclaimed bitcoin maximalist by his trollish tweets.
At least not Paris-born Pierre Rochard, who many have surely dismissed because of his bombastic Twitter account, which he routinely uses to diss "altcoin" fans for "peddling trash." But to disregard him would be to miss the nuanced theory behind his quips.
"Obviously, there are other currencies that exist today," Rochard, a 29-year-old accountant turned self-taught software engineer, told CoinDesk. As such, "it's a bit of a strawman to say that bitcoin maximalists think there will only be one currency. The reason crypto is zero-sum is [because] money, in general, is zero-sum."
In his analysis, global economies typically have one currency by which others are measured or held in reserve, whether it be gold or dollar...



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