Belgian Government Issues Cryptocurrency Fraud Warning

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ベルギーのトップの金融規制は、cryptocurrency 詐欺についての新しい警告を発行しています。
金融サービスおよび市場の権限 (FSMA) 宣言発表で「cryptocurrencies が今年の誇大広告」が月曜日に発行されます。FSMA は国立銀行のベルギー (NBB) と一緒にベルギーの金融部門を統括する公的機関です。
FSMA、書いた:「詐欺師が、よく知っているし、偽 cryptocurrencies と莫大な利益による顧客のオンラインましょう。彼ら実際に行うには、しかし、唯一の事は顧客のお金を取るし、消えます。それは簡単では.

Belgium's top financial regulator has issued a new warning about cryptocurrency scams.
The Financial Services and Market Authority (FSMA) declared that "cryptocurrencies are the hype of the year" in an announcement published on Monday. The FSMA is a public institution that supervises the Belgian financial sector alongside the National Bank of Belgium (NBB).
The regulator said in its missive that would-be investors should beware of would-be fraudsters who are peddling the idea of big profits through crypto-sales that ultimately prove to be fictitious.
The FSMA wrote:

"Fraudsters are well aware of that, and try to attract customers online through fake cryptocurrencies and huge profits. The only thing they actually do, however, is take the customers' money and disappear. It is as simple...

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