VC Investment in Blockchain Startups Is Up 280% So Far This Year

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暗号業界の衰退を見ていると初期コイン製品 (アイコス) 規制への懸念とトークンの市場で主要な損失の中で、従来の VC 投資はもう一度上昇。
その最新の報告書 blockchain 研究グループ ディアル報告 blockchain と cryptocurrency に焦点を当てたベンチャー-そのを 280%、2017 年の全体と比較してその年の第 3 四半期でほぼ $ 39 億 VC 投資を調達しています。それは言います。
Blockchain/暗号への VC 投資 (ソース: ディアル/ピッチブック)、VC 取引の増加と一緒に暗号および blockchain への投資の平均サイズは以上 $ 100 万で 2018 年に増加しています。10 最大の blockchain ・ クリプト.

As the crypto industry sees a decline in initial coin offerings (ICOs) amid regulatory concerns and major losses across token markets, traditional VC investment is once more on the rise.
In its latest report, blockchain research group Diar reports that blockchain and cryptocurrency-focused startups have raised nearly $3.9 billion through VC investments in the first three quarters of the year – that up 280 percent when compared to the whole of 2017, it says.
Based on data from Pitchbook, the report indicates that number of deals also nearly doubled this year.
VC investment in blockchain/crypto (Source: Diar/Pitchbook)
Alongside the increase in VC deals, the average size of crypto and blockchain investments has increased by over $1 million in 2018. Ten of the largest blockchain and crypt...

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