A Plan to Send Millions in Bitcoin to Venezuela Is Moving Ahead

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開発者のジョナサン ・ ウィーラーはある種の行き詰まりであります。
開発者になって元の銀行の従業員は、彼と考えている努力はすぐに世界の最も抑圧的な金融体制の下で 1 つの生活の人々 を助けることができる彼の最新のプロジェクトについてはあまりと言いたくないです。彼は他の大規模なモバイル airdrop を経由してベネズエラの市民の手でビットコインを取得-彼の任務で彼を助ける必要があるためにです。
ベネズエラ政府は定期的に逸脱した政治的意見を持つ人々 を逮捕しも行ってまで禁止技術に関して、市民は、その検閲を回避するために使用している限り。それはベネズエラの政府が独自の cryptocurrency、ペトロを既に開始しており事実を述べないことは.

Developer Jonathan Wheeler is at an impasse of sorts.
The former bank employee turned developer doesn't want to say too much about his newest project, an effort he believes could soon help people living under one of the world's most oppressive monetary regimes. That's because he needs others to help him with his mission – getting bitcoin in the hands of Venezuelan citizens by way of a massive mobile airdrop.
The problem is that spilling too much intel could put those he's working with in danger.
The Venezuela government routinely arrests people with deviating political opinions and has even gone as far as to ban technologies citizens have used to circumvent its censorship. That's not to mention the fact that Venezuela's government has already launched its own cryptocurrency, the petro,...

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